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Grannytherapy.com is based on an idea–that India’s traditional knowledge systems can provide valuable answers to solving modern problems. Whether it’s science, healthcare, education, or technology, the scholars of India have evolved comprehensive understandings of life over the millennia that demonstrate how people can remain balanced and how we can help keep balance in our world. Unfortunately, much of this great wisdom has been lost through the years. It is our goal to revive this knowledge and make it accessible to people in this era through relevant programs, products, and services.

The main goal for granny therapy is to provide a way for the modern man to get a healthy lifestyle even in his busy schedule. We provide you with the knowledge of using the South Indian spices that are commonly used in food which when used in a slightly different way becomes the most valuable medicine for us that can cure diseases.

Granny therapy requests you to at least try these methods before you go to your physician. However we do not take responsibility for any susceptibility caused to you by using the methods/steps for your symptoms.

We are just providing you a way to share the knowledge that has been passed to us by our ancestors in a verbal form. Granny therapy has taken utmost care in documenting all the prescriptions passed to us by our ancestors.

For this we have referred some materials as

  1. 1117 Elia siddhamaruthuva kurippukal  by Thandapani.
  2. Iyarkai tharum in marunthukal by Janakakumari.
  3. Noy niikkum muuligal by saddhasivam.
  4. Paatti  vaithiyam by Janakakumari.
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