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  • A toothache is an aching pain in or around a tooth. It is also known as odontalgia. The pain may be aggravated by chewing or temperature.


  • A toothache refers to any sort of pain that starts near a person’s teeth, gums or jaw. Infections in the ears and sinuses and even heart disease can result in infections that make your tooth or mouth hurt. The most common cause of toothaches in patients today is a simple dental cavity.


  1. Jaw Pain
  2. Lump On Gums
  3. Bleeding Gums
  4. Fever
  5. Pain when chewing


  • The differential diagnosis of toothache pain starts with a thorough history, clinical and radiographic exams, and a battery of tests. At least one confirming, reproducible test that corroborates radiographic or clinical evidence of pathology is necessary to make a diagnosis of odontogenic etiology. If the radiographic and clinical examinations are within normal limits, then 2 confirming reproducible tests are necessary.


  1. Banyanbark
  2. Sugar

Natural Remedies:

  • The leaf buds of the banyan tree are beneficial in the treatment of toothache. Cleaning the teeth with the aerial roots of the banyan is beneficial in preventing teeth and gum disorders. As one chews the stick and brushes, the astringent secretion from the root-stick cleanses and strengthens the teeth and gums.
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