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Corns and calluses are annoying and sometimes painful thickenings that form in the skin in areas of pressure. The medical term for the thickened skin that forms corns and calluses is hyperkeratosis.


The primary causes of Foot Corn are:

  • Tight fitting shoes can cause corns.
  • Stitch or seam inside the shoe may rub against the toe.
  • Abnormality in walking.
  • Bunions and hammertoes. These can cause rubbing of the foot, while wearing shoes.
  • When surgery is carried out to the lower extremities.
  • Wearing sandals without socks can create problems. Socks should fit properly.
  • Not using gloves while working can cause corns on hands.


Corns and calluses occur on parts of the feet and sometimes the fingers. Corns can be painful to walk on, even when they are small. Common locations for corns are

  • On the sole, over the metatarsal arch (the “ball” of the foot);
  • On the outside of the fifth (small or “pinky”) toe, where it rubs against the shoe; and
  • Between the fourth and fifth toes. Unlike other corns that are firm and flesh-colored, corns between the toes are often whitish and messy; they are sometimes called “soft corns” (heloma molles), in contrast to the more common “hard corns” (heloma durums) found in other locations.


  • Wearing well-fitting, comfortable shoes is useful.
  • Avoid tight fitting hosiery or shoes.
  • One should wear comfortable shoes.
  • In many situations, calluses and corns can be prevented by reducing or eliminating the circumstances that lead to increased pressure at specific points on the hands and feet.


  1. Jasmine palnt leaves.

Natural Remedies:
Take some jasmine plant leaves juice. Apply on your corns.

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