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Homemade remedy

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Body pain can be chronic or sporadic as it can be present in any location in the body where there are nerves, and in the cases where people have had amputations, there is even phantom pain.


  • There are 2 types of pain: acute and chronic. Acute pain doesn’t last long and usually goes away as your body heals. Chronic pain lasts at least 6 months after your body has healed. Sometimes, people who have chronic pain don’t know what is causing it. Along with discomfort, chronic pain can cause low self-esteem, depression and anger. It can also interfere with your daily activities.
  • Chronic and periodic pain can be caused by trauma or degeneration due to age, illness, or genetics.


Some of the more common types of chronic and periodic pain include

  • Muscle and joint pain,
  • Back and neck pain, and
  • Neuropathic pain


  • Several types of therapy can help ease your pain. Physical therapy (such as stretching and strengthening activities) and low-impact exercise (such as walking, swimming or biking) can help reduce the pain.
  • Treatment of chronic pain usually involves medicines and therapy. Medicines used for chronic pain include pain relievers, antidepressants and anticonvulsants. Different types of medicines help people who have different types of pain.
  • Telling your doctor about your pain will help him or her find the right treatment for you. Tell your doctor where the pain is, how bad it is and how often your pain occurs. Also talk about what makes the pain better or worse.


  1. Tamaraind leaves.

Natural Remedies:

Take some tamarind leaves, boil it. Then apply on your body with warmth.

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