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Green chilli curry goes well with rice and roasted papadums. The fried green chillies are added to a gravy, made tangy with tamarind pulp and spicy by addition of onion, spice powders and curry leaves.

Ingredients :

  1. Green chillies = 10
  2. Capsicum = 2
  3. Small onion = 12
  4. Tomato = 1
  5. Black gram dal = half spoon
  6. Tamarind = small pellet
  7. Fenugreek = 1 spoon
  8. Cumin = 1 spoon
  9. oil  = as required
  10. salt =  as required

Method :

  • Cut  green chilli and capsicum. To cut onions and tomatoes. Heat oil in skillet and dry mustard, black gram dal, fenugreek, cumin and cook well .Add onion and fry it. Fry  green chilli and capsicum. Put the required amount of salt, then add tomatoes and fry it. Pour a little boiling liquid then add tamarind. Green chilli boils well, when oil comes to break down and serve. Tasty, healthy ” chili curry ” is ready. We serve all kinds of tasty food.

Medicinal properties :

  • In green chilli contains lot of vitamin ” C “. It provides heat to the body. Blood flow will be uniform. Spices in the right size to use . If you use too much it can cause damage.  If you eat food with capsicum, body weight can be loss. In capsicum, cholesterol, sodium and fat content is very low. Not related eye problems and hair  problems to prevent it. Moreover it contains calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin ” A “, vitamin ” B” vitamin ” C ” and vitamin ” E “. If you eat the right amount of spices in the food along with live without disease .
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