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Blood is the most important of our immunity system. If there is any problem in our blood production, blood circulation, blood pressure and blood quality, we can face many problems, because blood helps our internal organs to work properly. It transfers oxygen and power to each cells of our body. We need to avoid alcohol, cigarettes and drugs so as to remain healthy.

Check your blood pH every month. pH is the abbreviation for potential hydrogen. The pH of any solution is the measure of its hydrogen-ion concentration. Human blood stays in a very narrow pH range right around ( 7.35 – 7.45 ). Below or above this range means symptoms and disease. If blood pH moves, too much below 6.8 or above 7.8, cells stop functioning and the patient dies. The ideal pH for blood is 7.4

So if you keep up your pH for blood, you will safe from so many diseases. Some of natural home remedies to keep normal pH for our blood are given below:

Leaves and Herbs:

  • Cynodon dactylon(Arukampul) have the capacity to pure the blood ,so if you take cynodon dactylon juice, drink it often.
  • Drumstick leaves have a capacity to increase hemoglobin in our blood, so take drumstick leaves often with your food.
  • Chinese Spinach leaves is a good source for our blood. So take with your food often.
  • Eat often Sesbania grandiflora (Agathi keerai)as the side dish of our food, your high blood pressure will be reduce.
  • If you drink the juice of basil leaves (thulasi) soaked in water, then your blood will be purified (due to smoking, drinking).
  • Take rosette leaves (Kaasini keerai) with your food often. It will be cure the blood haemantinic problem.
  • Eat often Alternanthera amoena( Ponnannkannikkirai) leaves with your food.
  • Centella asiatica(Vallarai) has the capacity to purify the blood and also increase our blood, so if we take some leaves of centella asoatica, clean and grind it. Make its juice. Add honey to taste and drink it, it would be good for health.
  • Take 10 gms of Sida plant powder; mix with 80ml of water. Then boil well until it reduces from 80ml of water to 20 ml of water and drink it daily morning.
  • If we eat the Indian solanum leaves powder(Kandankathri) with honey, then your high blood pressure will be reduced.


  • Gooseberry. is the best source for our blood. So drink gooseberry juice or eat it often.
  • Dates fruit, ginger and honey have the capacity to reduce the anemia problem, so if you take 50g of seedless dates, 50g of ginger and 2 cup of honey, cut the dates and ginger in to small pieces, then soak it in honey, at least for 1 week, after that you take 1 teaspoon from that mixture and eat it regularly.
  • Boil the milk with grapes. Add sweet candy to taste. If we drink it, blood will be purification.
  • Guava fruits have the capacity to reduce the anemia problem, because the guava fruits are rich in vitamins A and C, so if you eat guava fruits in your day to day life.
  • Also include often Indian fig fruit, pomegranate, Red banana, Papaya fruits.


  • Shoe flower, milk and sugar have the capacity to reduce anemia, so take some hibiscus flowers, 1 cup of milk and 1 teaspoon of sugar. Put the hibiscus petals in boiled milk and add sugar to taste. Filter it and drink it regularly.
  • Blood stain due to smoking:  If we eat “saffron with honey” then our blood will be cleaned. Take 1 /2 teaspoon of saffron. Take 1 teaspoon of honey. Mix saffron with honey. Then eat it.


  • Beet root, cumin, black pepper and salt have the capacity to pure the blood. Take 200g of beet root, 1 teaspoon of cumin powder, 1 teaspoon of black pepper powder and a required amount of salt, cut the beet root in to small pieces and boil all the things in 2 glasses of water, then filter the boiled water and drink.
  • If we drink the decoction of luffa acutangula/silk squash root, then anemia problem will be reduced. Take the 2 teaspoon root of luffa acutangula. Boil it with water. Filter it. Then drink it before having your breakfast.
  • Drink often drumstick pods soup. And also often have carrot, small onion, beans (especially kidney beans, pinto beans, and chick peas), Snake gourd, and Bitter gourd.


  • Honey is a mixture of sugars and other compounds. With respect to carbohydrates, honey is mainly fructose (about 38.5%) and glucose (about 31.0%), 48% fructose, 47% glucose, and 5% sucrose. Honey’s remaining carbohydrates include maltose, sucrose, and other complex carbohydrates. So take honey in your diet daily.
  • Brown sugar is simply sucrose with the addition of molasses and slightly lower caloric value. It controls the blood sugar level. So use brown and palm sugar instead of white sugar.
  • If we drink the “milk with honey” then aplastic anemia will be cured.  Take 1 cup of milk. Mix it honey. Then drink it often.
  • If we eat “cumin with sugarcane juice, lemon juice and ginger juice” then blood pressure will be cured. Take 100g cumin. Soak cumin seeds in sugarcane juice. for 3 days and then soak it in lemon juice for another 3 days and then soak it in ginger juice for 3 days. Powder the seeds by grinding. Then have 1 tsp daily with honey or water.
  • If we drink garlic milk, then high blood pressure will be cured. Take some garlic cloves, boil with milk. Mash it well. Add honey or brown sugar to taste. Then drink it.
  •  If we eat curd, then we can prevent the clotting of blood vessels in our body. So eat 2 teaspoon of curd while having lunch.
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“Health is wealth”, “Prevention is better than cure” – From this proverb we learn about the important of health. Now a day, we have no time for care of our health. And also in modern world, human diet method is not good for our immunity system. So easily affect by many diseases. If you preventing illness, by boosting the immune system’s strength.

Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and herbs are an important part of making sure your nutritional needs are met. So follow the balanced diet. If we are eating for living, not live for eat. So avoid much more take fast food, fried food and oily food. Drink plenty of water and good exercises to boost your immune system.

Natural and herbal remedies can provide strengthening the immune system. There are a number of vitamins, minerals, plant components and herbs that are beneficial to the immune system. We will see some homemade remedies for increase our immunity power.


  • Take 5 or 6 leaves of basil. Make its juice and twice a day drink it in empty stomach.
  • Take some immature neem leaves, clean and grind it. Mix with half glass of water and drink it in empty stomach. Weekly once in morning drink it.
  • Take some Cynodon grass, make its juice and drink with honey often.
  • Make dry powder of eclipta Alba leaves. Take 1 teaspoon of this powder, mix with milk and add honey to taste, and then drink it often.
  • Take Alternanthera amoena leaves, drumstick vegetable leaves with your food weekly once.
  • Eat amaranthua tricolor 2 times per week.


  • If we eat “ginger and honey” then the immunity power will be increased. Ginger and honey have the capacity to increase the immunity power, so if you take 50g of ginger and a half cup of honey. Just one day, soak the ginger pieces in honey, after that take out the ginger pieces from honey and eat it regularly.
  • Take some root of Indian fig. if you cut the under part of the root, milk is come. Collect this milk. If you drink this milk daily 300-400ml in empty stomach, your immunity power will be increase.
  • If we eat the “Cyprus root with honey” then immune power will be increased. Take some Cyprus root, Powder it. Mix it with honey and eat.


  • Make a day powder of sida plant,. and then eat it every day 2 times, after taking your food.
  • Take some spade flower plant and phyllanthus niruri. Clean and powder it. Then take one teaspoon of this powder, eat it.
  • Take some Cissus quadrangularis. fry with ghee. Then eat it with your food twice a week or make its chutney and eat it often. Your body strength will be increased.
  • Tinospora cardifolia leaves have a capacity to purify the blood and also increase your body strength, so if you take some tinospora cardifolia leaves, clean and boil with water. Then filter it. Add milk and sugar to taste. Then drink it regularly.


  • Take 5 nos of small onion and one piece of garlic and eat it raw in everyday morning, will be increased your immunity powder.
  • Brown rice, Millet, Quinoa, Buckwheat, Oats, barley, and other whole grains are a valuable source of the vitamins, minerals and fiber that are an essential part of keeping the immune system healthy.


  • If we drink the “buds of hibiscus with milk” then immunity power will be increased. (Take the buds of hibiscus rosa-sinensis. Grind the buds of hibiscus rosa-sinensis. Mix it with the milk. Drink the milk 1 time before breakfast.)
  • Pineapple flower has the capacity to increase the Immunity power, so if you take some pineapple flowers and boil it, then you filter that boiling water and drink it.


  • Vitamin C tops the list of immune boosters for many reasons. Vitamin C is a powerful natural antioxidant. The following fruits are containing excellent source of vitamin C:
  • Papaya, Guava, Orange, Mango, Strawberries (organic), and Grapefruit (pink or red) and Red banana
  • So take often any one fruit in above list.


  • If you take radish with your food, your body strength will be increase. So take radish, cook it and take with your food often.
  • Take cabbage often. Sword bean and ladies finger have the capacity to increase the body strength, so if you make soup by using sword bean and ladies finger and drink it regularly.
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While we hear the “Neem”, we are remembering, its fully bitter taste. In fact, we can’t say about those benefits. Neem leaves, neem flowers, neem bark, neem seed and neem fruit, every part of the neem tree is used for its medicinal value. It is called ‘the village pharmacy’. Neem products are believed to be anthelmintic, antifungal, antidiabetic, antibacterial, antiviral, contraceptive and sedative.The Ayurvedic and Unani systems of medicine use the properties of neem in all their treatments.

Medicinal Value:

The chemical  compounds that have been identified  and scientists feel that there are many more compounds yet to be identified in neem. Other then sodium, potassium, salts, it contains chloriphyle, calcium, phosphorus, iron, thiamine, riboflasium, nicocin, vitamin C, carotene, and oxalic acid. The chemicals classified are:

  • Nimbin:      anti-inflammatory, anti-pyretic, anti-histamine, anti-fungal
  • Nimbidin:   anti-bacterial, anti-ulcer, analgesic, anti-arrhythmic, anti-fungal
  • Ninbidol:    anti-tubercular, anti-protozoan, anti-pyretic
  • Gedunin:   vasodilator, anti-malarial, anti-fungal
  • Sodium nimbinate:    diuretic, spermicide, anti-arthritic
  • Quercetin:   anti-protozoal
  • Salannin:    insect repellent
  • Azadirachtin:   insect repellent, anti-feedant, anti-hormonal

Other chemicals that form its therapeutic value are:

  •  Limonoids, Terpenoids and steroids, Tetranortarpenoids, Fatty acid derivatives like margosinone and margosinolone
  • Coumarins like scopoletin, dihydrosocoumarins, Hydrocarbons like docosane, pentacosane, hetacosane, octacosane etc.
  • Sulphur compounds, Phenolics, Flavonoglycosides and Tannins

Medicinal purposes of NEEM:

  • The neem (Azadirachta Indica) is an important part of life in India. Neem to react against virus. So, it is used to treat chicken pox. It controls the spread of chicken pox.
  • In beginning stage of Elephantiasis disease, Neem has a capacity to control the swelling of elephantiasis. Take some neem bark, crush it and make its decoction. Then drink it continuously 48 days in the morning. According to the doctor consultation, If you drink it continuously, reduce the swelling of elephantiasis.
  • Eczema is common and attack the child. Neem oil is the best solution for this skin disease. We can apply on the skin. And also neem oil product from all types of skin diseases. Because, neem has antibacterial and antiviral properties. Dysmenorrhoea or painful menstruation is a common problem affecting many women. For this problem, neem oil is used for internal medicine.
  • It is an excellent anti malarial remedy. Neem is also used for treating fevers as it has antipyretic properties. In siddtha medicine, neem bark decoction used to cure the fever. And also Neem bark Sooranam gives to the patient by the siddtha doctors.
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