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Bone wound: Bone Fractures are injuries of bone tissue, which compromise their ability to support the body.


A bone fracture can occur in several situations, like a car accident, an assault, a fall in the bathroom or from a height, due to a pre-existing bone disease, like osteoporosis, rickets, and so on.


  • Pain – is due to pain signals from the injured bone in response to pressure on the bone fracture.
  • Swelling – is due to injury to local blood vessels and also the action of the cells of immune system of the body.
  • Inability to walk – is after an injury to the weight bearing bones of the body, mainly the bones of the leg or thigh.
  • Instability - is when the bone fracture is near a joint and causes the joint to dislocate.
  • Inability to breath - is in the case of rib fractures, where a sharp stabbing pain can be felt at each breath.


Treatment methods for an infection following a bone fracture and other bone trauma are dependent on the type and extent of the injury as well as the health and specific needs of the patient;.

  • The age, health and mobility of the patient
  • Location of the fracture/infection
  • The mechanism of injury
  • Pre-existing deformities
  • The risk for infection
  • Technical issues
  • Experience with the method itself


  1. White Kunkiliyam(Shorea robusta).

Natural Remedies:

  • A large sub-deciduous tree, which on tapping yields an oleoresin, which contains triterpenoids, the derivatives of ursonic and oleanane and a new triterpene acid.
  • The resin is used in the indigenous systems of medicine as an astringent and detergent and is given in diarrhea and dysentery. It is also used as an ingredient of ointments for skin diseases and in ear troubles.
  • Plant pacifies vitiated kapha, vata, nervine pain, arthritis, infection, wounds, ulcers, burns, pruritus, fracture, fever, hemorrhoid, menorrhagia, jaundice, splenomegaly, obesity, headache, and skin diseases.

If you eat white Shorea robusta on a regular basis, your bone wound will be reduced.

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Rickettsialpox is a mild, self-limited, zoonotic febrile illness characterized by eschar formation at the location of a mite bite, followed by the onset of systemic symptoms and a more generalized papulovesicular rash. The causative agent is Rickettsia akari, a member of the spotted-fever group of rickettsiae.


  • Bitten by an infected mite that lives on rodents.
  • Papulovesicular rash.


  • Bump which appears at the site of the original bite.
  • Bumpy rash spreads across the body.
  • Fever.
  • Heavy sweating.
  • Headache.
  • Eye pain (especially when exposed to light).
  • Weakness and achy muscles.

Diagnosing Rickettsialpox:

Most practitioners are able to diagnose rickettsialpox simply on the basis of its rising and falling fever, and its characteristic rash. Occasionally, blood will be drawn and tests performed to demonstrate the presence of antibodies (immune cells directed against specific bacterial agents) which would confirm a diagnosis of rickettsialpox.


  1. Ocimum americanum leaves.
  2. black pepper .

Natural Remedies:

Plant commonly found in fields and waste lands, throughout India. A pubescent erect, and much branched herb, grows up to 1 meter. Leaves elliptic – lanceolate, entire or faintly toothed, glabrous and gland dotted. Flowers white or whitish pink found in elongate recemes. Fruits are small, nutlets are pitted, mucilaginous when wet. Seeds are good remedy for hyperdipsia, fever, migraine, and emaciation.

Ocimum americanum leaves and black pepper have the capacity to reduce the rickettsialpox   problem, so if you take 1 teaspoon of ocimum americanum leaves powder and  ¼  teaspoon of black pepper, then you mix the both things in 1 glass of  hot water and drink it.

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Osteoporosis (“porous bones”, from Greek: ὀστέον/osteon meaning “bone” and πόρος/poros meaning “pore”) is a disease of bones that leads to an increased risk of fracture. In osteoporosis the bone mineral density (BMD) is reduced, bone microarchitecture is deteriorating, and the amount and variety of proteins in bone is altered.


  • This may be done with blood tests.


  • Osteoporosis itself has no specific symptoms; its main consequence is the increased risk of bone fractures.
  • Osteoporotic fractures are those that occur in situations where healthy people would not normally break a bone; they are therefore regarded as fragility fractures.
  • Typical fragility fractures occur in the vertebral column, rib, hip and wrist.

Diagonosis of osteoporosis:
The diagnosis of osteoporosis can be made using conventional radiography and by measuring the bone mineral density (BMD). The most popular method of measuring BMD is dual energy x-ray absorptiometry (DXA or DEXA). In addition to the detection of abnormal BMD, the diagnosis of osteoporosis requires investigations into potentially modifiable underlying causes; this may be done with blood tests.


  1. Colocasia.
  2. Chayote.

Natural remedies:

Colocasia is rich in Vitamin B3, it  plays a very important role in the energy production in the body and is also necessary for maintaining the health of the digestive as well as nervous system and Chayote is a very good source of vitamin C, providing 17% of the RDI.

Colocasia and chayote have the capacity to increase the bone strength, because this vegetable are enrich in calcium and phosphorus ,so if you eat  colocasia and  chayote  in your day to day life.

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If we eat “pomegranate fruit” then the bone strength will be increased.


  1. Body weakness.


  1. Pomegranate.

Procedure to prepare:
Pomegranate has the capacity to increase the bone strength,so if you take a cup of pomegranate fruit juice and drink it regularly.

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If we eat the “papaya” then bone weight will be increased.


  1. Wearing of bone


  1. Papaya.

Procedure to prepare:

  • Eat often papaya.
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